NHTSA Safety Video by Mary E. Peters, Secretary of Transportation, U.S.A.


                                                               Florida Motorcycle Safety Campaign


                                                         Motorcycle Awareness Driver Education Video


Special thanks to the Motorcycle Awareness YouTube community.
For more videos on motorcycle safety awareness please click on the following links:

Think BIKER TV Commercial
What do we have to do to get noticed? (Motorcycle Safety Ad)
Donít Ride us off
You didnít See me
Take Longer To Look For Bikes (Think UK)
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Ride Safe So You Can Ride Again
(Motorcycle Safety Commercial)
Stupid Car at Highway and Moto Crash
Look Twice Save a Life
You would be surprised who rides a motorcycle (AMA PSA)
Common Road: Motorcycle Safety PSA
Out Here TV Commercial
Sorry mate, I didnít see you
One good scene (
TAC Safety TV Ad - Don't Drive While Distracted #1)
Local motorcycle experts offer safety tips to keep you safe
Start seeing motorcyclists
Safe Drivers Look for Riders :30 PSA
May is Designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Look Twice Save A Life (Motorcycle Awareness Documentary)
Wichita Police PSA (Motorcycle Safety)
AMA Video: Think. Ride. Watch For Motorcycles (Actor Perry King)
Motorcycle Awareness
New MSF Video Motorcycles and Cars at Intersections
John Duncan Motorcycle safety resolution
Motorcycle Safety PSA - Drivers Must Use Caution, Too
Motorcycles are not invisible
Share The Road - Watch For Motorcycles :30
Texas Motorcycle PSA-Motorist Awareness
Look twice, Your car can kill
Road Safety Taskforce - Motorbike Safety
Road Safety Taskforce
Las Vegas Police PSA Ė Stay Alert

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