What if there is a motorcycle near but moving away from a car?
If a motorcycle is moving away from a automobile the MWS unit within the automobile will not see it as a threat, therefore the unit will not trigger the audio/visual signal indicator in the automobile. The MWS will alert any automobile driver only if the motorcycle is approaching. If a motorcycle is on the opposite lane approaching an automobile, the MWS will alert the automobile driver. The MWS will terminate the alert once the motorcycle passed by the automobile.

What happens if the motorcycle is in front of a car moving away from the car?
It depends on how far away from the automobile the motorcycle is. If a motorcycle is 10 miles away it will not pose a threat to that particular automobile 10 miles back. If the motorcycle is in threat range, the MWS unit will alert the automobile driver.

What happens if there is more than one motorcycle in the area?
Each motorcycle will transmit its own identification number, position and velocity. The MWS will be able to detect multiple motorcycles at any given time. If there are three motorcycles in the threat range of a automobile the MWS within the automobile will receive all three motorcycle signals. The automobile driver will receive the alert signal at the times when the MWS was triggered, one motorcycle at a time or all at once depends on the situation. In either case, the automobile driver will have the option to reset the MWS within his or her vehicle, or let the alert signal time out. The important point is to let the driver know that there is one or more motorcycleS in the area, so be alert!

Will every automobile be able to detect a motorcycle, and if so how many automobiles at once can the MWS alert?
Every automobile that has a MWS unit installed will be able to detect or be alerted of an approaching motorcycle. If a motorcycle is approaching an automobile from any direction, the MWS unit will alert all automobiles in the threat range area.

Does a motorcycle have to be running for this to work?
Yes. As soon as a motorcycle is turned on it will start to transmit itís ID, position, and velocity.

If the MWS in a motorcycle alerted an automobile driver and the motorcycle moved away or the automobile driver reset the MWS, does any other new motorcycle approaching alert the automobile driver as well and how?
Yes. Any new motorcycles approaching an automobile will alert the driver because every motorcycle has its own identification number(provided the motorcycles have the MWS unit installed). So the MWS will detect it alert the automobile driver once more.

What happens if a motorcycle and an automobile are on a highway going the same direction for 20 minutes? Will the MWS constantly alert the automobile driver?
No. The MWS will time out within a specified time and re-alert the driver if the motorcycle is still in the threat range. The automobile driver also has the option to reset the MWS unit immediately after the unit was triggered. The MWS light indicator will dim and the sound will stop. Once the MWS unit was reset and if the same motorcycle continues to be in threat range of the automobile, the MWS will remind and alert the automobile driver after a specified time. If the motorcycle is not in the threat range any longer the MWS will go in "sleep" mode.

Can the MWS be installed in any motorcycle or automobile?
Yes. The MWS can be installed in any vehicle regardless of make, model or year.

If a motorcycle is traveling at a slow speed will the MWS still alert automobile drivers?
The motorcycle MWS unit will alert any automobiles that it's approaching, regardless of the speed of the motorcycle.

Why should an automobile owner invest in the MWS when motorcycle owners are the ones at risk?
Itís every vehicle operatorís responsibility to drive safe and contribute to the prevention of accidents in any way; we all share the same roads.  There have been many accidents involving both automobiles and motorcycles where both drivers and/or passengers where seriously injured. One of our goals is to have insurance companies offer discount incentives for both automobiles and motorcyclists who invest in the MWS. Fewer accidents will not only prevent injuries and/or save lives, but it will greatly reduce the number of insurance claims. 

Wonít the MWS unit in the automobile be a nuisance to the driver having to listen to a motorcycle alert and/or see the signal light up every time a motorcycle is in the vicinity?
The automobile driver has a choice between letting the signal run its course until it times out, or reset it. However, being responsible by doing what it takes in order to make driving safe for everyone on the road is not a choice. With all the distractions the automobile drivers stress themselves with nowadays (answering their cell phones, texting/e-mailing, changing the radio station or CD, yelling at their kids, eating, drinking, shaving and even watching movies), we need the MWS more than ever.

Let's make each other's drive/ride home a safe one!



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